Tihamer MARGITAY (1859-1922) ✿

Tihamér Margitay (1859–1922) was a Hungarian painter. He was born in Jenke, Austria-Hungary, (today Jenkovice, Slovakia). He painted anecdotic, so-called "parlour pictures", in the style of Jules Bastien-Lepage.

E poi...
ci sono Poeti invece che
come me
dipingono l'Amore
in Bacco e Venere vesti
fuoco nelle mani
a bruciar parola
nel respiro d'estasi
posseduti eternamente dall'Amore...

Ci son Poeti che
dipingono l'Amore...

~ Catherine La Rose© ~

Margitay studied in Budapest as a student of Gyula Benczúr and in Munich with O.Seitz. He also studied in Venice and Florence. Margitay liked to paint scenes of the middle-class in the style of Bastien-Lepage with a naturalistic technique. His paintings have been exhibited several times in Budapest and also in Vienna. The Hungarian National Gallery are in possession of some of his paintings and his self-portrait is on exhibition at the Hungarian Historical Gallery.

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