Attilio TORO (1892-1982) ✿

Attilio Toro (Naples, 1892-1982) was an Italian artist, considered one of the greatest exponents of Neapolitan twentieth-century painting.
He trained in his father's atelier, where he learned painting. His works are inspired by nineteenth-century painting, with a different stylistic language, which includes dense brushstrokes and brightness of tones. The favorite subjects of his paintings are portraits in the Mancini style, nudes characterized by strong sensitivity and extensive and simple landscapes.
He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, a favorite pupil of Vincenzo Volpe, professor of painting. After graduating, due to his talent noticed and valued by the painter Carlo Siviero, director of the Neapolitan Academy, he was offered the position of assistant in the painting course.
In 1940, he was awarded a prize by the Columbus Association for his canvases. In 1961, for the painting San Gregorio d'Alife, presented at the National Exhibition of Caserta, he was awarded a gold medal.

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