Damian LECHOSZEST, 1976 ✿

Damian Lechoszest is a Polish painter, born in 1976 in Racibórz. He graduated from the Opole University of Technology in 2002. During his studies, he attended practical painting classes at the Art High School in Opole.

Exploring the secrets of artistic work, he studied science, natural sciences and the humanities to find out how the human eye reacts and how it records stimuli, as well as how the human mind creates a comprehensive picture. Winner of many international awards the latest in the competition Portrait society of america 2020.
His works are of interest around the world, the artist’s works are in private and state collections on all continents. In Poland, one of his paintings – Portrait of John Paul II can be admired in the famous Pauline monastery in Jasna Góra. Damian Lechoszest permanently cooperates with art galleries in the USA.

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