Trent GUDMUNDSEN, 1978 ✿

Trent Gudmundsen is an American artist, born in 1978 in California, USA, grew up in a small Utah farming community where he began oil painting at the age of 14. Trent Gudmundsen is described as "a young artist who has the mature brushstroke of someone who's been painting for 50 years or more". With a love of both impressionism and detail, Gudmundsen approaches his paintings with a "less is more" attitude, but delights in adding just the right amount of detail where necessary.

Having gained national recognition with his distinct interpretations of restaurant interiors, Trent is now re-visiting favorite subjects and ideas, with the intent of focusing more on the individuals instead of just the ambiance of the group settings.
A main focus of Trent's right now is to portray the female figure as the focal point in a variety of contemplative situations, including within the landscape. Gudmundsen's work is represented by galleries in Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, and Utah. Trent and his wife, Lorajean, and their three children currently live in Logan, Utah. Trent enjoys practicing traditional homesteading skills, and he and Lorajean are currently in the final stages of restoring their 100-year-old house.

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