Piotr TOPOLSKI, 1960 ✿

Piotr Topolski is a contemporary talented Polish Portrait Painter, he was born in Kielce in 1960. He attended Krakow's Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. He specialises in oil portraiture in the traditional painting style of the Old Masters.

His portraits are distinguished by a plethora of hues, enhanced psychological features, and exceptional compositional effectiveness. He memorialised many great people in his paintings, giving them a glitter in their eyes as if they were still alive.
The artist employs the oil-on-canvas method. His art is distinguished by meticulous observation and exceptional sensitivity to light and colour. He freely paints intriguing images of elderly individuals against a gloomy backdrop, bringing out the profound beauty and challenges of life. He has painted for private collections of art collectors all over the world. He accepts commission work for portraits and other personalised pieces of art.

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