Jim FARRANT, 1972 ✿

Jim Farrant is a British painter, born in Taunton Somerset in 1972, Jim attended Portsmouth College of Art. After a period of travel throughout America and Australia he commenced painting full-time in 2002 and has had considerable success since then. Jim’s work is inspired by the American realist school.

“The painting process always begins with a photograph. From a substantial collection of digital images, I will make a composite picture. I could for example have a street scene containing interesting figures and backgrounds that have been taken from a number of different situations – this allows me to create a definite composition which I sketch on to a panel and then the painting begins. I like to focus on contemporary human settings and environments and the way body language brings mood and narrative to a painting without being too obvious. Colour and its tonal qualities are extremely important to me.”
Jim is one of our most popular Artists both in the gallery and at national and international Art Fairs.

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