Iban NAVARRO, 1982 ✿

Iban Navarro is a Spanish Figurative Artist, Watercolor and Egg tempera. Was born in Barcelona in 1982. He is the son of well-known painter, Jesus Navarro. It is in his father's studio, where he first began painting and experimenting with different methods, mediums and techniques.
Iban is skilled in the manipulation of medium in each of his works. His photorealistic compositions are completed with egg tempera and watercolor on paper, by method of mixing watercolor with egg yolk, occasionally adding oil pastel. Although this is an ancient technique, few artists have been able to master the unforgiving nature of tempera, as it dries the second it is applied to the paper.
His favorite subjects to paint are boats in murky or transparent water, fishing ports and figures resting by the sea. Iban made the choice to pursue fine arts as his career in 2002 at the young age of 20, participating in group exhibitions where his work was admired and praised by the public. He has continued to marvel all who see his hyper realistic paintings to this days.

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