Bruno DI MAIO ✿

Bruno Di Maio is an Italian painter, known for working in the new Figurative style. Di Maio, born in North Africa in 1944 to Italian parents, lives and works in Tuscany, Italy.
Di seta e sale
è il grido silenzioso di te
che mi spaventa
mentre l'inverno solitario
è già qui
e tagliente
lama di ghiaccio
amante più che mai...

~ Catherine La Rose© ~

He devoted many years to finally acquire mind-blowing technical skills. An artist, graphic artist, excellent watercolorist, Bruno works mainly for international clients, as well as in major cities in Italy, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Tokyo and Madrid.
The artist also designed various interior details, for example, decorative panels for camouflaging chain motors, like those that can be seen here. His realistic paintings are in many public and private collections of contemporary painting.

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  1. DI Maio è un'artista che fa sognare ,le sue opere sono bellissime e raffinate.


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