Adolfo BELIMBAU (1845-1938) ✿

Adolfo Belimbau (1845-1938) was an Italian painter. He was born in a Cairo, Egypt to an Italian Sephardic Jewish family from Tuscany. Belimbau was influenced by the Macchiaioli painters, and was a colleague and friend of the painters Vittorio Matteo Corcos, Ulvi Liegi, and Alberto Pisa.
The young man studied in Livorno under the guidance of Felice Provenzal from 1962 until 1873: he then decided to abandon the palette convinced of making little progress and, above all, pushed by the family who wanted him to be a merchant.
In 1870 he took part in his first exhibition. In 1875 we find him in Tunisia with Eugenio Cecconi with whom he had taken a studio in Livorno. It was the Tuscan artist who brought him closer to the world of Macchiaioli painters.
In 1881 in Florence he presented A moment of rest, in the same year he was present at the Milan National Team with After work and Chiacchere. In 1886 he was among the promoters of the First Livorno Exhibition in which he participated with three Testa di studio and Giuramenti da marinaio.
We find it the following year at the National Exhibition in Venice with Orselia and Prima del minuetto. In 1890 he decided to settle in Florence taking a studio always in the company of his friend Cecconi.
Also famous as a portraitist, in 900 he made numerous portraits of exponents of the beautiful world, defined by many, close to Corcos and Boldini. In 1929 he exhibited some memories of his last trips to Egypt at the Geri Gallery in Milan. Adolfo Belimbau died in Florence in 1938.

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