Erwin Guillermo is a Guatemalan artist, one of the greatest exponents of contemporary art in Central America, his work being intimately related to the historical and geographical conditions of the region, both for its themes and for its clearly tropical colors.
He was born in 1951, lives and works in Guatemala City, studied at the National School of Plastic Arts in that city.
He has exhibited his work both inside and outside of his native country, in places like Germany, London, Taiwan, New York, San Antonio Texas, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Brazil.

He has received awards, recognitions and distinctions in the areas of painting, poster and watercolor. In 1998 he published a CD-ROM that contains a compilation of his artistic work throughout his 32 years of work and that includes more than 250 of his works and his bibliographical material.

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  1. I have a large Erwin Guillermo painting from 1997 that I am looking to sell. Does anyone know a website that sells his works?


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