Marten HUITSING, 1965 ✿

Mi spalanco
dinanzi all'alba
in bocciolo tremolio...

~ Catherine La Rose© ~
Marten Huitsing is Dutch realist painter, 1965 has lived in Bedum for almost his entire life, a beautiful village just above the city of Groningen. He initially studied mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, but only later rediscovered his talent for painting. He is graduated in 2010 from the Classical Academy of Painting.
"As a child I drew a little bit but, despite my interest in painting, it did not get any further. Now painting is an indispensable part of my life. I like to paint as lifelike as possible and that can be landscapes, still lifes or people. The latter is the biggest challenge for me."
In the paintings of Marten Huitsing you recognize the appreciation for the work of the classical grandmasters. The small stories are often melancholic and seem to stop time for a moment. Beauty and simplicity are the key words that apply to his work. Marten has been taught by the following teachers: (in chronological order) Tom Hageman, Xandra Donders, Jan van Loon, Miranda van Gelderen, Riny Bus, Chris Herenius, Ben Rikken, Peter Durieux, Joost Doornik, Eric Bos, Flip Gaasendam.

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