Cunde WANG, 1939 ✿

Cunde Wang  王存德 Chinese artist was born in 1939 in Beijing. In 1955 he studied in high school at the Academy of Fine Arts. In 1959 teaches at the School. In 1962 studying at the Central Academy of Art and Design. In 1967 worked in the field of textile design and packege for factories and institutions. In 1982 he taught at the Beijing Institute of Industrial Design. In 1988 moved to live in Australia, where he continued and developed their creativity and now teaches courses on creating portraits in pastel.
Cunde Wang writes about himself that he was quite bumpy and winding road through the art world, the beginning of it was in high school at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1955. Many times I have it work, comprehending each as precious experience. Looking for greater perfection, searching for himself, tried to make each picture a little bit, but better than the previous.
In constant search of work and realized that all the necessary knowledge and skills are not easy, each must be removed from his own practice honest research work. And the higher the requirements to himself an artist. The faster and higher than his achievements in the arts.
In 1988 Cunde Wang moved to Australia, where he fully devoted himself to drawing and painting. At the base of creativity he put his thoughts and feelings about the modern world, society, nature and people. Most of his works are filled with his humanistic experiences, ethnic details and exotic taste.
He believes that art is born of inner experience of the artist, filled his senses and carries the force of his spirit and intellect. In his works he combines the culture and art of different periods, schools and trends. Combining elements of the past colors, shapes, decorations and other items he tries to extend a special symphony of life, which would express the 21st century. Struggling Cunde Wang sincerely tries to make work that urge people to truly lovely, kind and eternal values, mutual understanding and humanity.

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