Charles HERMANS (1839-1924) ✿

Charles Hermans (7 August 1839 – 7 December 1924) was a Belgian painter of genre scenes, portraits, landscapes and some still lifes. Through a number of his monumental genre paintings he played an important role in the recognition of Realism in Belgian art.
Hermans participated in major international exhibitions such as the art section of the World Fair held in Paris in 1878 where he showed At dawn to general acclaim. He earned an international reputation thanks to this success.

His paintings were acquired by museums, both in Belgium and abroad. Despite this early success Hermans was not able to realise the expectations. He had hoped to reiterate the reception of At dawn by creating the large, ambitious work The masked ball, which was exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1880.
The impact of the work was less than that of his earlier work. Still many reproductions of it were made and the original was acquired by the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 1882.

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