Philippe JACQUOT, 1966 ✿

Philippe JACQUOT is a French figurative painter born in the Marne region of France. After a period of decoration, it was in 1990 that he decided to devote himself exclusively to painting. His past experience allows him to master painting on glass, sheet metal, as well as glued materials, thus giving him the opportunity to get out of the traditional support of canvas and paper.
Among the various themes he has dealt with, characters and especially women remain his favourite subject. In each canvas, he seeks aesthetics, lightness, softness and subtlety through the curve and the work of light.
His mastery of painting technique allows him to move with ease from a realistic style composed of successive glazes to a more abstract one created by energetic brushstrokes of bright colors. This mixture can appear on the same canvas.
His constant search for new subjects, atmospheres and original techniques leads him to create series of paintings that may have no connection between them. He paints freely according to his mood and inspiration, mocking conventions. He does not want to lock himself in a so-called "style", openness leads to evolution.

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