Mary HAYLLAR (British, 1863-1950) ✿

Mary HAYLLAR (1863-1950) was one of the four artistic daughters of british painter James Hayllar and sister of the painters Jessica Hayllar (1858-1940) Edith Hayllar (1860-1948) and Kate Hayllar (1883-1900). Mary was perhaps the least prolific, and only exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1880 to 1885, mainly still lives and child subjects, his most famous painting is a table set for tea. After her marriage to Henry Wells in 1887 she seems to have given up painting, and borne several children, each of whom found ready employment as models by their aunts.
Mary was highly accomplished however, and like her sisters, she delighted in recording the domestic life of the Berkshire countryside, as lived at her parents' house, Castle Priory, Wallingford. Tables laid with an enticing looking tea are a leitmotif found in all their work.

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