Paul LAURENZI, 1964 ✿

Paul Laurenzi is a French Abstrat and Figurative painter. He was born in 1964 in Antibes, France.  The approach of the female model of artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec, Manet, Klimt and Balthus inspires strongly and plays with transparent fabrics, hinting the feminine curves. It thus emerges from its models, soft and mysterious sensuality.

Jules-CYRILLE CAVÉ (French, 1859-1946) ✿

Jules-Cyrille Cavé (1859-1946) was a French painter, was born in Paris. He studied with Tony Robert-Fleury, a painter of the historical genre and professor at the Académie Julian, and with William-Adolphe Bouguereau, one of the greatest salon painters of the 19th century. Bouguereau was to be a significant influence throughout Cavé's career, both stylistically and in terms of subject matter and treatment.

Mark ARIAN Art ✿

Mark Arian è un pittore realista americano. È nato a Des Moines, Iowa nel 1947 e ha ricevuto una formazione formale in pittura e scultura presso la Frudakis Academy of the Fine Arts di Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, i Barnstone Studios di Allentown, in Pennsylvania, un'accademia d'arte privata a Firenze, in Italia, e il La Jolla Atheneum, e Watts Atelier a San Diego, in California.

Mark ARIAN, 1947 ✿

The American artist Mark Arian is a Romantic Realist painter, known for his works executed in the style of FiguratiHe received formal training in painting and sculpture at the Frudakis Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Barnstone Studios in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and at a private art academy in Florence, Italy.

Gertrude Demain HAMMOND (1862-1953) ✿

Gertrude Demain Hammond or Mrs. McMurdie (1862 – 21 July 1952) was a British painter and children's book illustrator and contributed to many works throughout her career. One children’s book she helped illustrate was Velma Bourgeois Richmond’s Shakespeare as Children's Literature: Edwardian Retellings in Words and Pictures, which aimed to make Shakespeare’s literature more accessible for children, therefore encouraging them to take an interest in the humanities and art of reading.

Georges GASTÉ (1869-1910) ✿

Georges Gasté (1869 in Paris -1910 in Madurai, India) is a French Orientalist painter and photographer. He received his early art education at the Atelier Colarossi and at age 18 he enrolled at the Ecole des Beaux Arts at the Alexandre Cabanel Studio.

Augustus Leopold EGG (1816-1863) ✿

Augustus Leopold Egg (1816, in London – 1863, in Algiers) was a Victorian artist best known for his modern triptych Past and Present (1858), which depicts the breakup of a middle-class Victorian family.

Charles Camoin (1879-1965) ~ Still Life ✿

Charles Camoin (1879-1965) French Fauvist painter, born in Marseille, belongs to this generation of artists who made the hinge between the 19th and the 20th century. Very close to Matisse, Manguin and Marquet, met during his stay in Gustave Moreau's studio at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, he participated with them in the "Cage aux fauves" at the Salon d’Automne in 1905.

Harriette BOWDOIN (American, 1880-1947) ✿

Harriette Bowdoin was an American Impressionist artist, was born in South Hadley Falls, Massachusetts. She had a varied and very artistic career. Known as a painter, illustrator, and worker in crafts and as a teacher she spent most of her adult life in and around New York City.

Leopold Franz KOWALSKI (1856-1931) ✿

Léopold Franz Kowalski (1856-1931) era un pittore tedesco di origine francese ** noto per le sue tele raffiguranti scene di genere, figure e paesaggi. Kowalsky fu allievo di Jean Pillard e Henri Lehmann all'Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris. Esibì regolarmente a Parigi dal 1881 a il Salon des Artistes Français.

Jakub SCHIKANEDER (Czech, 1855-1924) ✿

Jakub Schikaneder (February 27, 1855 in Prague – November 15, 1924 in Prague) was a Czech painter known for his soft cityscape paintings with very melancholic and lonely moods, often depicting lower class people.


LIN CHIN-HSIEN 林欽賢 is a Taiwanese artist born in 1968 in  Yilan and graduated from Taiwan Normal University Department of Fine Arts for graduate school in the Western painting group.  Currently, he is an associate professor at the National Taichung University of Education Fine Arts Department.  For numerous years, he has dedicated himself into studying art education and the creation of painting. 

Charles PERRON Art ✿

Charles Clément Perron (1893-1958) was a french painter was born in Plessé, in the Loire-Atlantique. He commenced his art studies in Nantes, before moving to Paris and joining the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts.


Huang Zhong Yang (黄中羊) is a Chinese artist, was born in Guangzhou, China in 1949. From the age of four, Yang’s parents encouraged him to draw and paint. At the age of eight, Yang began formal training in traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. Yang’s instructors and peers were in awe of his talent even as a young boy. They believed that he would one day go on to become a great artist.

Martha WALTER (American, 1875-1976) ~ Still Life ✿

Martha Walter (1875 – 1976) was an American impressionist painter born in  Philadelphia. She studied art at the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art from 1895–98 and at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia. She was taught by William Merritt Chase. She won the school's Toppan Prize (1902) and Cresson Traveling Scholarship (1908).

Doris ZINKEISEN (1898-1991) ~ Ballerina and Theatre ✿

Doris Clare Zinkeisen (31 July 1898 – 3 January 1991) was a Scottish theatrical stage and costume designer, painter, commercial artist, and writer. She was best known for her work in theatrical design.

Charles PERRON (French, 1893-1958) ✿

Charles Clément Francis Perron, born August 22, 1893 at Plessé (Loire-Atlantique), died April 18, 1958 in Nantes, is a French painter of the twentieth century. After the death of his father in 1901, he lives with his mother in le Gâvre, he spent the patent Blain and receives training at the École des Beaux-Arts de Nantes (1909-1913), then the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris (1913-1914 and 1919-1921).

Frederick Carl FRIESEKE (1874-1939) ~ Woman with Parasol 2 ✿

Frederick Carl FRIESEKE (1874-1939) was born in Owosso, Michigan, and after brief study at the Art Institute of Chicago he moved to Paris in 1898, where he worked with several academic painters. After 1900 he adopted the light, colorful palette of the impressionists but never abjured the strong linear tradition of American art.

Frederick Carl FRIESEKE (1874-1939) ~ Woman with Parasol ✿

Frederick Carl FRIESEKE (1874-1939) was an American Impressionist painter whose early work was influenced by James Abbott McNeill Whistler and whose later work strongly reflected the explorations of the French Impressionists. His paintings of voluptuous full-bodied women, many painted at his country home in Giverny, France, recall the work of Pierre Auguste Renoir

Edouard François ZIER (1856-1924) ✿

cosa arguisce la tua mente
come averti
a mio piacere
e discrezione
nei miei pensieri...

~ Catherine La Rose© ~

Camille PISSARRO (French, 1830-1903) ✿

Camille Pissarro is one of the most important French artists of the 19th century. His name is closely linked to Impressionism, of which he was one of the main exponents. He was born in Saint-Thomas, Virgin Islands, to a French Jewish father, of Portuguese origin, and a Creole mother originally from the Danish Antilles. His father had him educated in Paris, but once Camille finished his studies, he had to return home, where, despite taking care of the family business and working as a salesman in his father's workshop, he began to show an interest in painting. Wanting to devote himself to drawing, he ran away from home with the Danish painter Melbye, settling in Venezuela. He began selling his first paintings in Nicaragua to pay for the trip that took him to Paris in 1855.

Bart LINDSTROM ~ Portraits ✿

Bart Lindstrom is a californian artist best known for his oil paintings and portraitsBart was born and raised in Southern California, where nature and the outdoors were his first artistic inspiration. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in business marketing but soon realized that his future lay in his first love. He went on to study at the Art Center in Pasadena. His professional career started with watercolors and then moved into oils. He quickly started to specialize in portrait and figurative paintings.

Renso CASTANEDA (Peruvian, 1970) ✿

Renso Castaneda Zevallos is a Peruvian Artist visual, profesor de arte. Born in Lima in 1970. He Is graduateded of the National School of Fine Arts of Peru in the specialty of Painting 1989-1995. Obtained in 1993 the First Honorable Mention in Drawing in the promotion called Venancio Shinki.

Leon HERBO (1850-1907) ✿

Leon Herbo (1850-1907) was a Belgian genre and portrait painter, born in Templeuve. He was a pupil of Legendre and Stallaert at both the Academies of Tournai and Brussels, Herbo mastered the art of fine detail. He then continued his studies in France, Germany and Italy before returning to settle in Brussels. His debut exhibition was in 1875, and he took part in exhibits throughout Europe. He was a prolific artist and it is believed that he produced over 1200 paintings during his lifetime.


Renso Castaneda is a peruvian Realist and Surrealist Artist visual, profesor de arte. Born in Lima in 1970. He Is graduateded of the National School autonomous superior of Beautiful Arts of peru in the specialty of Painting of 1989-95.

Gerard M BURNS ~ Rain in the City ✿

Gerard M Burns is a Scottish Painter of People and musician. One of Scotland’s best known portrait artists, Burns has been heralded as one of the country’s leading artists of the human condition, playing a pivotal role in promoting the genre. Born in Glasgow in 1961, Burns graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1983 with a degree in Fine Art.


Fongwei Liu is a chinese impressionist painter. He received his BFA degree from the prestigious Fine Art Academy of Yunnan, China in 1994. For more than a decade after graduation, Fongwei has ventured in various fields, but didn’t touched his paint brush. Until 2007, he finally realized that art is his true passion, and resumed his art education in the United States. Fongwei received his MFA degree from Academy of Art University, San Francisco in 2009. Since 2010, Fongwei has been working as an art instructor at Academy of Art University.

Susan RYDER ~ Interiors Painter ✿

Susan Ryder is a Portrait Artist and Interiors Painter, born in 1944. Since the age of 18 she has exhibited often in The Royal Academy and in many other mixed and group exhibitions. Although well known for her interiors and portraits, it was as a landscape artist that Susan received her first award. Many prizes followed for both her portraits and interiors, with commissions to paint at fine houses both in this country and abroad.

William Henry GORE (1857-1942) ✿

William Henry Gore (1857-1942) è stato un pittore inglese dal tardo periodo vittoriano all'inizio del ventesimo secolo. È noto per i suoi paesaggi rurali del suo nativo Berkshire e per i suoi dipinti di genere di bambini e animali. Gore era nella tradizione del tardo romanticismo e naturalismo vittoriano che fiorì nel periodo prima della fine del ventesimo secolo, ma che divenne subito fuori moda all'indomani della Grande Guerra e dei cambiamenti sociali e politici che seguirono. Gore fu membro della Royal Society of British Artists dal 1893 al 1913 e anche membro del Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours e del Royal Institute of Oil Painters.

William Henry GORE ✿

Un abbraccio d'Amore
nel silenzio del cuore
vale più di mille parole...

Ad un abbraccio d'addio
nel silenzio dolente del cuore
non bastano mille parole...

A hug of Love
in the silence of the heart
is worth a thousand words ...

To a goodbye hug
in the painful silence of the heart
a thousand words are not enough ...

Un câlin d'Amour
dans le silence du coeur
vaut mieux que mille mots...

Pour un câlin d'adieu
dans le silence douloureux du coeur
mille mots ne suffisent pas...

~ Catherine La Rose©2021 ~
Listed, 1885 by William Henry Gore (1857-1942)

Alix AYMÉ ✿

Alix AYMÉ (1894-1989) was a French artist female, was born in 1894 in Marseille. She was a pupil of George Desvallières and then Maurice Denis, with whom she maintained a close correspondence throughout her career. The artist developed a passion for the Asian continent during a first trip where she accompanied her husband, a professor, who was sent to China by the French government.


Antonio de La Gándara (1861-1917) was a French painter, pastellist and draughtsman. La Gándara was born in Paris, France, but his father was of Spanish ancestry, born in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, and his mother was from England. La Gándara's talent was strongly influenced by both cultures. At only 15 years of age, La Gándara was admitted as a student of Jean-Léon Gérôme and Cabanel at the École des Beaux-Arts. Soon, he was recognized by the jury of the 1883 Salon des Champs-Élysées, who singled out the first work he ever exhibited: a portrait of Saint Sebastian.

Camille PISSARRO ✿

Camille PISSARRO (Saint-Thomas, Antille, 1830 - Parigi 1903). Tra i principali esponenti dell'impressionismo, ebbe un ruolo primario nell'organizzazione della prima mostra del movimento tenutasi nel 1874 a Parigi.

Nguyen TRUNG, 1940 ✿

Nguyen Trung is one of the most influential and prominent artists in Vietnam today, where he was born in 1940. Nguyen studied at the Gia Dinh Fine Arts College, and his works can be seen in the Fine Arts Museum in his home Vietnam, the National Museum of Singapore and in many private collections both in Vietnam and abroad.

Hoang TICH CHU (1912-2003) ✿

HOÀNG TÍCH CHÙ (1912-2003) was a Famous Vietnamese Lacquer Artists, born in Ha Bac Province. He was a graduate from the Fine Arts College of Vietnam. Even though he used various medium, including graphic arts and oil, he is famous of his lacquer art and later taught at the College. His paintings are displayed in the Fine Arts Museum of Vietnam, Moscow Oriental Museum of Oriental Arts and other private collections.

Nguyen TRUNG ✿

Nguyen Trung is a Vietnamese  abstract painter, born in Soc Trang in 1940. His artistic career spans over fifty years in a life marked by French colonial rule and the Vietnam War. A champion of abstraction in Vietnam, Nguyen and a number of younger artists who he mentored created work in this genre when it was still considered a self- indulgent, decadent art form that placed the individual before  the  State. Through his resilience and commitment as a true creative force in the Vietnamese art community, he is considered one of the country’s most accomplished artists. (Quynh Pham)