William Henry GORE ✿

Un abbraccio d'Amore
nel silenzio del cuore
vale più di mille parole...

Ad un abbraccio d'addio
nel silenzio dolente del cuore
non bastano mille parole...

A hug of Love
in the silence of the heart
is worth a thousand words ...

To a goodbye hug
in the painful silence of the heart
a thousand words are not enough ...

Un câlin d'Amour
dans le silence du coeur
vaut mieux que mille mots...

Pour un câlin d'adieu
dans le silence douloureux du coeur
mille mots ne suffisent pas...

~ Catherine La Rose©2021 ~
Listed, 1885 by William Henry Gore (1857-1942)

William Henry Gore RI (1857-1942) was an English painter of the late Victorian period to the early Twentieth Century. He is known for his rural landscapes of his native Berkshire and for his Genre paintings of children and animals.
Gore was in the tradition of late Victorian Romanticism and Naturalism that flourished in the period before the turn of the Twentieth Century but which quickly became unfashionable in the aftermath of the Great War and the social and political changes that followed.
Gore was a member of the Royal Society of British Artists from 1893 to 1913 and also a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters.

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