Auguste Frederic DUFAUX (1852-1943) ✿

Auguste Frédéric Dufaux (1852-1943) was a Swiss impressionist painter born in Geneva. He comes from a family of enamel painters and enamel makers. Descendant of French Huguenots hunted by the Edict of Nantes, his father, Frédéric Guillaume Dufaux, painter and sculptor, gave him his first drawing lessons, then he enrolled at the School of Fine Arts in Geneva where he met his teacher, Barthélemy Menn.
He continued his studies in Paris and Florence at the Uffizi Academy where he worked with Luigi Rubio, Italian painter of history and portrait painter.
According to his son, Henri Dufaux, he is a hard worker. He produces portraits and specializes in genre subjects and intimate landscapes that he exhibits regularly. He lived in Paris from 1876 to 1891 and participated in the Salon of French artists. He travels to Italy, Algeria, Egypt, from where a certain number of exotic works.

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