Irina Kouznetsova (Ирина Кузнецова) is a Russian miniaturist painter, currently living in Canada. Her medium is traditional lacquer miniature (oil on lacquer). Her work draws on the century-old Russian miniature tradition, as promoted by the Fedoskino school of miniature art.
Irina was born in Russia, in the city of Lobnya (Moscow region), in 1963. She followed her parents' example by attending the Fedoskino Art School, the institution at the heart of the country's traditional miniature art. She completed her diploma in 1982, and spent the next several years working for the artistic fabric of Fedoskino.
In 1999, Irina moves to Canada with her family. After a while, her works are shown in miniature competitions, including some of the most famous international contests and she wins many prizes and awards.

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