Carlos Orduña is a mexican painter born in 1946 in Hidalgo, Mexico. Orduna first studied Fine Arts during the early 60s at the School of Plastic Arts program under the auspices of the National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico.

Early in the 70's he meet the famous Mexican muralist Jorge González Camarena, author of important murals, from whom he received valuable teachings. Orduna reinterprets the influence he received from Master Artist Jorge Gonzalez Camarena and channeled it in a restless search which gradually grew into his own unique style.
During the 80's the Mexican-American muralist Armando Campero, who is well known in the United States for his murals, shared his teachings with Orduna. During the 90's Orduna sold his work in collective exhibitions at the Galeria Nonita of Mexico and traveled to United States where he showed in several exhibitions and his works were placed in several galleries.
From 2000 to the current date he has displayed his works in several exhibitions. He has also collaborated jointly with the muralist Armando Campero in the design and realization of murals in San Fernando Court and Juvenile Sylmar Court in Los Angeles where he executed a mural featuring Cesar Chavez, renown leader of the farm workers.

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