Daud AKHRIEV, 1959 ✿

Daud Akhriev is internationally sought after as an instructor for figure and landscape painting and for his monumental work.
Daud was born in the former Soviet Union in 1959. He studied classical painting and drawing for 14 years, graduating with honors from the Repin Institute with a masters degree in fine art, under the tutelage of the late painter and Academic, Piotr Fomin.
In 1991 he emigrated to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Akhriev, now a U.S. citizen, shares his time between Andalusia, Spain and Chattanooga, Tennessee with his artist wife.
Daud Akhriev, Stylistic Pluralism was published in 2002 by Common Place publishing.  He is also featured in Traditions Rediscovered, the Finley Collection of Russian Art. 
Akhriev’s drawings are in several books about the Repin Institute, both in Russian language and in Chinese, and in numerous magazines such as Artists Magazine, Pastel Journal, Island Journal, Chattanooga Magazine, Southern Living and American Art Collector.

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