Beatrice OFFOR (1864-1920) ✿

Beatrice Offor (1864-1920) was a British painter. She is primarily known for portraits; often of an esoteric nature.
Offor was born in 1864 in Sydenham, Kent and trained at the Slade School of Art in London, where she became a close friend of Moina Mathers. In 1892 she married William Farran Littler, an artist and sculptor.
Much of her work consisted of representations of heads of young women. A report published in 1907 said that the famous "Offor Heads" are known the world over.
Indeed, it may be said that Miss Beatrice Offor is one of the most popular artists of the day, her pictures are eagerly sought after, and publishers vie with one another for the honour of giving her works to the public.
Her paintings were shown regularly at the Royal Academy of Arts. She often used her sisters as models, often painting brides and women. She also painted portraits of Joseph Howard MP and Sir Ralph Littler, KC. She painted a copy of Perugino's Virgi and Child for Tottenham Parish Church.

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