ALI NEMAH Iraqi Artist ✿

Ali Nemah o Neema علي نعمه is an Iraqi painter who portrait the Iraqi culture using exquisite color palette. His bold brush strokes emphasize expressions and abstract details, he let the viewers create the extra details and feels the warms of such culture.
Ali Ne’ma, a young Iraqi artist assured his strong presence in the contemporary Iraqi plastic art scene. He is a descendant of a family that presented three influential artists in the modern Iraqi fine art.

The young artist mixes between many of themes, mixing and melting them, adding a suggestive perspective or dimension to the colored space and the accompanying symbols the reality. In which the color is forming the brightness force of the balance, for the formative compatibility and create the indicative meaning of the accumulated and overlapping object symbol which turns into mystical emoticons and reshaping it in a clear and humane conceptual framework.

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