Albert MATIGNON (1860-1937) ✿

Albert MATIGNON (1860-1937) was a French painter and illustrator.He comes to Paris, where he was a pupil of Ernest Hébert and attended the studio of Albert Maignan at the School of Fine Arts. Painter of religious compositions, genre scenes, portraits, landscapes and seascapes.
He drew for L'Illustration between 1905 and 1928 and notably published an Aviatik shot down by Roland Garros, descending in a spin. At the same time, he produced advertisements (chromolithographs and posters) for Lefèvre-Utile (LU) biscuits, Joseph Perrier champagne and Simon cream.
Matignon became somewhat well-known after painting Morphine in 1905. He was one of only a few artists who were bold enough to delve into drug and alcohol-related themes.
He has won several awards there: 3rd class medal in 1897, gold medal in 1914, Albert Maignan Prize in 1925.

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