Achille FUNI (Italian, 1890-1972) ✿

Achille Funi was an Italian painter who painted in a neoclassical style.
Funi was born in Ferrara. He studied at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts from 1906 to 1910 and joined the Nuove Tendenze movement as a painter of Cubo-Futurist works in 1914.
Having enlisted in the Volunteer Cyclist Battalion and served in World War I, he became a champion of the "return to order". He studied Graeco-Roman statuary and was influenced by De Chirico’s Metaphysical painting. His self-portrait Autoritratto da giovane, 1924, is in the Museo Cantonale d’Arte in Lugano.
Having come into contact with Margherita Sarfatti, he was a founding member of the Sette Pittori di Novecento group in 1922 and then one of the leaders of Novecento Italiano, taking part in the movement’s first and second exhibitions (Milan, 1926 and 1929).
The author of numerous frescoes in the 1930s, he was a signatory of the Manifesto della Pittura Murale together with Mario Sironi in 1933 and became one of the artists most esteemed by the Fascist regime, obtaining a teaching post at the Brera Academy in 1939.
The period after World War II saw the continuation of decorative works for public and religious buildings in Milan and a parallel focus on landscapes.

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