Mahmoud Fahmi ABBOUD ✿

Mahmoud Fahmi Abboud (in Arabic محمود فهمي عبود) is an Iraqi painter in Surreal style born in Babil in 1962.
He obtained an Master in Fine Arts from Kharkiv Academy of Arts in Ukraine. He has worked as a visual designer and writer of children's stories and has published around 50 children's books.
From 1999 to 2002 he taught painting at the Norwegian Faculty of Arts. He then worked as a painter and designer at the children's centers in Sharjah. He gave drawing lessons in Sharjah between 2002 and 2011.
He is currently working as a full time artist. He has participated and organized several art exhibitions in the UAE and abroad and was awarded the first prize from the UAE Fine Arts Association in 2013 for three paintings: Khatoon of the Tiger, Friday Morning and A Break on the roof.
His painting Khatoon of the Tiger won first prize at the 2013 Emirates Art Exhibition. Abboud was honored by the Department of Culture and Information of Sharjah Government.

Abboud is a member of the Sharjah Fine Arts Association, a member of the Russian Fine Arts Association. He currently lives between UAE and Canada.

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