Corine KO ✿

E non so perché ancora esiste
questo corpo senza te
in questo mare furibondo
fuori dal mondo
che sbatte su di me...

~ Catherine La Rose© ~
Corine Ko is a contemporary french painter, 1962. Has worked and lived in the Marseille region since 1998. After studying literature, Corine combined her passion for painting and the world of childhood by moving towards specialised animation.
Her paintings suggest a subtle invitation to share what makes us human. By creating places of meditation and contemplation, the viewer is invited to walk, rest and dream as the cathartic experience soothes and nourishes.
Ko's art blends elements of photography and painting. Use collages and acrylic paints on canvas to create sensual and feminine works that overflow with grace and a sense of mystery.
In 2002 she founded the association Aux Arts Etc organising creative workshops for children and adults with disabilities.

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