Kiéra MALONE ✿

Mi guardo
mi chiedo se
ho paura di perderti
è la paura di averti
ma mai ti dirò
non tormentarmi più l'anima...

~ Catherine La Rose© ~

Kiéra Malone is a french woman realist painter. Lives and works in Besançon, France. Great master of female figure is at the center of the painting of Kiera, his female reflect passion, love and sensuality, united in this context by a technique of the painter really excellent.
Look and sensuality in painting and Kiera are primary elements characterize each work: his women convey an incredible femininity charge in a unique style. Kiéra us so absorbed with his portraits of men and women, as with his paintings ethnic or fauna. Everything has a place in the work of this artist in no time at odds with the whole.
"Amour, sensibilité, innocence, bonté, fragilité... un sourire, un regard, une larme... source d'inspiration inépuisable!" "Je me nourris de chaque expression...puisant dans l'âme l'éternelle recherche de l'autre!"
- Kiéra Malone

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