Dannika Rose SULLIVAN ✿

la terra diversa
che ci calpesta
il cielo che...
su di noi varia
da qua a là
e le stelle
troppo lontane per legarle
allo stesso luccichio

Catherine La Rose©2020 ~
Tratto da "Vento di Rose e Papillons"

Dannika Rose Sullivan is a self taught artist from Portland, Oregon. She has been drawing for most of her life, but a lucky coincidence led to the retrieval of a case of chalk pastel pencils in 2014, which gave her a new passion for art. She now uses these light-colored chalks to pull dramatic, realistic images out of matte black paperbut also in oil painter. She enjoys experimenting with color, light, and texture to portray movement and evoke emotion, and loves creating pieces that conjure different feelings and meanings for every viewer.

1 commento:

  1. Beautiful portraits. Sensitive, moody, intimate. I found it hard to look away from several of your pieces because the model's gaze was so engaging and rapt. You bring the viewer into the model's feelings. So very well done. Beautiful body of work here!


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