Agata Mikulska SIENKIEWICZ ~ Ballet ✿

“La danza è il linguaggio nascosto dell’anima”
~ Martha Graham
"Dance is the hidden language of the soul"
~ Martha Graham
Agata Mikulska Sienkiewicz is an polish artist, painter, born in Puławy, graduate of Art History at the Catholic University of Lublin, currently living and working in Warsaw. Apart from painting, he is fascinated by ballet, which is reflected in his work. “Ballet has been my great passion since I can remember.

What really captivates me about ballerinas is their strength, perseverance, dedication and love for what they do. Striving for perfection, for the ideal that characterizes every great dancer. The unimaginably hard work that lies behind it and the final effect are not only components of ballet art, but of every art, and in the broader perspective of our entire life "

Despite his young age, he already has several exhibitions on his account, the most important of them - due to the subject matter - was the exhibition entitled BALLERINS AMONG NAS
The artist's works are in many private collections in Poland and abroad: in Great Britain, Germany and Lithuania. In 2015, her painting was featured on the cover of the Four Corners monthly.

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