Yuri KROTOV (Юрий Кротов) ✿

Era lei nell'abisso
il lenzuolo giocoso
che a morsi le scivolava
e di libeccio
ansimando folava
in quest'apogeo vento
mentre la tempesta
esplodeva dentro di lei

~ Catherine La Rose© ~
Tratto da "la Rosa dei Venti"

Yuri Krotov (Юрий Кротов) is a Russian Impressionist Figurative painter, 1964. This renowned artist, emerging from the V.I. Sourikov, Moscow State Art Institute first surfaced in 1992 during an eminent sale of Russian paintings at the prestigious auction room ‘Drouot’ in Paris. Since then his reputation as a leading contemporary Russian artist has continued to grow. Krotov’s success at well-known auction rooms led him to be invited back regularly and is now in their permanent displays. He travelled and painted in France along the Cote D’Azur then on to Spain and Italy.
A modest man who does not seek the spotlight for himself, his artwork is currently and quietly finding great fame in his native Russia. Krotov holds onto the fleetingness of ever changing moments by painting in a quick and free manner, using wonderfully fluid brushstrokes which are completely full of movement, with detail and suggestion. His paintings can be found in many private collections in Europe, Japan, and Russia.

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