Scott Tallman POWERS, 1972 ✿

Scott Tallman POWERS is an American Postwar & Contemporary painter who was born in Birmingham Alabama in 1972.  He is also the founder of “The Plein Air Painters of Chicago. Keeping with the legacy of his father who worked as a medical illustrator, photographer, and fine artist, Powers would be found, pencil in hand, drawing constantly from a young age.

Learning and creating alongside his father, Powers fostered his love for art from an early age and he continued to pursue his passion into higher education. He studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago training under leading instructors in oil painting, watercolor, drawing, anatomy, and sculpture. Following his rigorous training at the Academy, Scott worked as an illustrator for a Chicago ad agency before committing full-time to his dream working as a fine artist.

Scott has works in many private collections in the United States and around the world along with having paintings in three museums: The Wengyuan Museum of Fine Art and the Shaoguan Museum of Fine Art in The Guandong Province of China, and The Academy Museum in Easton, Maryland. Scott has received many awards from the Oil Painters of America as well as many other National shows. And has participated in many prestigious invitational exhibitions in the United States, China, Israel and Europe. Scott work has appeared in many publications including American Artist, Art of the West, Western Art and Architecture and has had features in The American Artist “Workshop” Magazine, Southwest Art Magazine and Western Art Collector.

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