Katerina PLOTNIKOVA ~ Photography ✿ Part.4

Moscow-based Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova created these beautiful photos with the help of real wild live animals! She is only the latest in a line of excellent surreal photographers covered by Bored Panda, but her unique choice of models brings her amazing compositions to the next level. While seemingly dangerous, these photo ideas were made possible with the help of professional animal trainers. The bear, held by many as a symbol of primal strength and instinct, contrasts especially well with the elegant princess it has embraced. Fortunately, she has provided us with a few behind-the-scenes photos showing how the adorable animals are posed by their trainers, including a shot where the bear sneaks a snack from its trainer over the model’s shoulder.

Even without the well-trained animals, her photos possess a rich mysticism and beautiful sceneries that makes them absolutely enchanting. Plotnikova’s human models exude a quiet, regal air that is only made all the more arresting by their cool animal companions.

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