Josep DE TOGORES (1893-1970) ✿

Josep de Togores i Llach (1893-1970) was a Spanish painter.
Son of Josep de Togores y Muntades, president of the Association of Football Club Barcelona and co-founder of the newspaper El Mundo Deportivo, at the age of 13 Togores suffers meningitis and becomes deaf. Then he began to be interested in painting.

He began his artistic training with Joan Llaverias and Felix Mestres. Thanks to a scholarship from the City of Barcelona, ​​in 1907 he moved to Paris, where he came into contact with the work of Paul Cézanne. In Brussels he paints a painting (The CrazyCerdanyola) which is assigned to the International Exhibition that celebrates the city. Then begins an impressionist phase in his work. Back in Catalonia, Togores becomes part of the Courbet Grouping in Barcelona.

After the First World War, he returned to Paris, where he came into contact with surrealism through his relationship with artists such as Georges Braque, Aristides Maillol, Max Jacob and Picasso, coming to sign an exclusive contract with the dealer Daniel Henry Kahnweiler, until 1931. This will be his most surreal and experimental period. During the 1920s it began to be known in Europe, and in the following years it explored different styles such as Cubism or academism, letting itself be influenced by the avant-garde of the time and being influenced by classicism. In 1932, again in Barcelona, ​​he changed his dealer, starting a relationship with Francesco Campo and began to devote himself to painting portraits of Catalan high society. He died in 1970 from a traffic accident.

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