Gu Zhinong 顾致农 ✿ Part.2

Gu Zhinong 顾致农 Contemporary chinese artist.
Gu Zhinong, born in Hangzhou in 1971, enrolled in the High School Attached to the China Academy of Art in 1986, studied in the Oil Painting Department of the China Academy of Art in 1990, and worked in the Academy of Fine Arts of Hangzhou Normal University in 1994. In 1994, "Classmate" and "Tree" participated in the 9th Provincial Art Exhibition, and "Classmate" was selected in the 8th National Art Exhibition. In 1999, "Marionette" was selected for the 10th Provincial Art Exhibition. In 2004, "Still Life" was selected for the Provincial Oil Painters Association Exhibition, "Trace" was selected for the Tenth National Art Exhibition, and "Trace" was selected for the Eleventh Provincial Art Exhibition and won the Gold Award.

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