François SCHOMMER (1850-1935) ✿

François Schommer (1850-1935) The beautiful dancer, c. 1885
Oil on canvas - Private collection

François Schommer, born in Paris was an academic painter, aquafortist and French decorator.
Schommer exhibited at the Paris Salons and at the Salons of French Artists from 1870 to 1935. In 1878, he obtained the first prize of Rome with his canvas Caesar Augustus at the tomb of Alexander . He then received the silver medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1889 , then at that of 1900. Appointed professor at the Paris School of Fine Artsin 1910 he became a member of the Institute in 1924. He was appointed Knight of the Legion of Honor in 1890, before being promoted to Officer of the same order.

François Schommer is considered a great artist by the Mariani Album and by the Revue de l'Art which notes that Schommer is "a man of beautiful culture and whose friendships for half a century were among the elite of the academic art and Parisian society."
Schommer is best known as a painter of history , religious subjects and genre scenes . He also made watercolors , the drawings , the illustrations and decorations. He has decorated the ceilings of the new Sorbonne , the City Hall of Tours, the School of Fine Arts in Paris , and has made two panels - Alceste and Rodrigue - for the foyer of the Odeon Theater in Paris.
He is buried in Paris at the Père-Lachaise cemetery

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