Carlos León SALAZAR ~ Musician Art ✿

Venezuelan Watecolor painter Carlos León Salazar, born in Caracas in 1968.
He began self-taught from an early age in drawing and painting. After many years of daily work, he finds in that vertigo that watercolor produces, in that feeling of constantly being on the edge of a precipice, a way of doing and expressing himself according to himself, giving special attention to the human body and its infinite (eternal) possibilities as a subject of art. He has participated in different international events in Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, France, China. His works are mostly in private collections; one of them is part of the heritage of the National Watercolor Museum "Afredo Guati Rojo", Mexico. His work has been featured in publications such as the prestigious magazine "Practique des Arts". He currently resides in the city of Madrid, Spain, where he dedicates himself to teaching drawing and watercolor.

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