Benjamin SHIFF ~ The Music ✿

Benjamin Shiff was born in Cologne, Germany in 1931. He began living in Israel at the age of two, growing up in the challenging, complex years of the young State. Living through traumatic political events has scored Shiff's enduring themes with visionary insight. Benjamin Shiff, an internationally renowned artist, continues to receive critical acclaim for his exploration of human existence. The enormous energy of Shiff's paintings, exhibited throughout the world, explore the merger of prophetic vision with physical reality. Shiff's monumental figures are drawn from a profound knowledge of human form and emotional potential, then analyzed through a metaphysical prism. His subjects are fully cognizant of alienation and conflict, therefore the constant search for comfort and refuge. Powering the canvas with a riveting presence, these luxurious shapes evoke melancholy and inspire meditation. Shiff achieves a refractive quality by overlapping color planes and combining natural and mystical forms into intricate, demanding composites.
Relentlessly examining creative principles, Benjamin Shiff enriched his technique through advanced Art studies (The Old Master Technique) in Austria. His intellectual infrastructure was enhanced through the study of Philosophy, intensifying the spiritual and mystical dimension of his work.

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