Anna VINOGRADOVA ~ Russian Ballet ✿ Part.2

Anna Vinogradova/Анна Виноградова is a professional russian artist. Was born in 1975 in the southern city of Krasnodar. She graduated from Ilya Repin St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Fine Arts, Sculpture and Architecture in 1999. The same year Anna Vinogradova made a series of ballet costume sketches for the Vologda choreographic ensemble titled “Russian Ballet 21st century”. Russian artist Anna Vinogradova, together with A. Vladimirov, made a mosaic “Our Lady of Vladimir” memorial plaque for chapel in honor of 2000 years of Christianity in the city of Vologda. Her paintings are also successfully sold on the art markets of China and Russia. The artist has participated in more than 20 travelling exhibitions held by the “Gallery of 20th century painting” of St. Petersburg Art Center in China. She has also taken part in travelling exhibitions, organized by “Peredvizhniki (the Itinerants) of 21st century” stream in Russia and the European Union, where her works of art are under intense interest. In 2008 Anna Vinogradova joined the St. Petersburg Branch of Russia's Union of Artists. In May 2009 Anna Vinogradova, together with Gennady Bernadsky and Yuri Kalyuta, represented masters of Russia at the “Repin academist's exhibition” in Beijing at the Palace of Nationalities of China. Paintings of Anna Vinogradova are in private collections in Russia, the United States, Japan, Holland, Germany, France and other European countries, as well as in numerous private collections and museums in China.

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