Wlad Safronow is a figurative painter was born in 1965 in the Ukraine. He attended the art and design academy of Charkow from 1984 to 1990. After that, he worked as a university lecturer at the "Painting and Graphics" faculty at Charkow and later at various German universities. Since 1997, Wlad Safronow has been an independent artist. Exhibitions 2010 (excerpt) Art trade Pieter Breughel / Venlo / Netherlands Gallery Am Roten Hof / Vienna / Austria Turm Gallery / Bonn / Germany Since 2010 – Representations in Benelux through Art Hebda Consulting Gallery Azur / Spa / Belgium Burgau Gallery / Burgau 2011 Artium Art Gallery / Luxembourg De Lange Litanie / Roeselare / Belgium Kunsthaus Frey / Ulm / Germany.

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