William Orpen (1878-1931) ✿ Part.2

Nuvole in trincea
in corsa al vento di parole
giocano d'abbagli
ed ombre
congedando inatteso
il finale del romanzo

~ Catherine La Rose©2020 ~

William Orpen (1878-1931) was an Irish artist who worked mainly in London.
Recognised for his talent from a young age, Orpen studied at the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art and the Slade, London, where he met artists such as Augustus John and William Crampton Gore. Orpen was involved in the New English Art Club and became a highly-skilled and very successful portrait and subject painter. He settled in London, but returned to Ireland regularly and taught at the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art, where he revolutionised art education in Ireland. His academic style influenced a generation of Irish artists.

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