John STREVENS (1902-1990) ✿

Frederic John LLOYD STREVENS (1902-1990) was a London born British artist who regularly exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Royal Society of British Artists, the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and the Paris Salon. Strevens was born in London and a self-taught painter. He was known during the 1960s for his paintings of children and flowers, which were made into prints. Twenty years after his death two of his paintings were donated by his daughter to his local hospital, St Margaret's in Epping, Essex; Strevens had been treated there for Parkinson's disease in later life. The remainder of his paintings were auctioned. A blue plaque to Strevens has been placed on his house, in Lower Park Road, Loughton. Two of Strevens' paintings are in the collection of the British Council.

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