Henry CLIVE (1882-1960) ~ Art Déco ✿

Henry Clive (1882-1960)(Henry Clive O’Hara) born in Australia, was a magician, painter and magazine illustrator. He traveled the world as a magician, billed as "Clive the Illusionist", "The Great Clive" and "Debonair Magician." He was assisted by for a time by May Sturgess noted to be the most beautiful girl in vaudeville. Clive played the best theaters in the country and featured the Die Box and Spirit Paintings (possibly the first to do so in the United States, which he move to in 1903). His act was listed in Holden's Programmes of Famous Magicians. He left the stage some time around 1911 for a successful career as an illustrator. He moved to Hollywood in 1929 and became famous as a designer of film posters. He was also prominent as a painter of magazine covers. Clive was the art director and actor for Charlie Chaplin's film "City Life". Many of the illustrations in the Thayer catalogs of magic were also his work. He died of lung cancer in Hollywood, California. Fred Keating was a great admirer of his style of delivery and tried to emulate it.

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