Georges DE LA TOUR (1593-1652) ~ Candle Light ✿

Non è facile spiegare
quanto si arricchisce l'anima
se ne fossimo capaci
quando ad illuminarci
lasciassimo solo la solitudine
ad invadere la nostra fragilità...

~ Catherine La Rose©2020 ~
da la "Solitudine"

Georges du Mesnil de La Tour (1593-1652) was a French painter, exponent of the Baroque, strongly influenced by Caravaggism. Much appreciated in his time, not only in his native Lorraine, but also in Paris. However, it was completely forgotten and rediscovered only from the late nineteenth century.
The son of a fairly wealthy baker, in his career he made only religious paintings or genre scenes. His painting owes a lot to the Italian one, so it is thought that, like many other European artists his contemporaries, he made a training trip to Rome between 17 and 23 years old.
Many of his works are elaborated in suggestive night scenes, where the light coming from candles and often hidden by a hand, illuminates and gives depth to the figures caught with great realism.
Over the years, the painter tried to simplify the forms with geometric rendering, becoming more and more an extraordinary painter of the soul. It is in fact the spirit that vibrates in the night on the immobility of matter, crossed by light.

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