Emilia WILK ✿ Part.3

'Dici che mi vuoi
vuoi bermi lentamente
inebriarti di me le tue vene
...dici che mi vuoi
vuoi danzarmi addosso
scivolarti di me sulla tua pelle...
eppur j'ai peur...'

~ Catherine La Rose ©2010 ~

Emilia Wilk, polish painter, was born in Wałcz County, Poland. "For many years the center of my interest is Art. Even as a 6-year-old girl i paint canvas of my father. I remember my first painting was a copy of a man. I thought then, that painting is easy. Now I know that I was wrong. My work many times have led me to tears.
My real adventure with painting started when I got the album Ilya Repina. I studied it from A to Z. That's when I saw the real soul in his eyes. So I really wanted to paint. My tastes have since changed, but Ilya Repina images will always be very important to me. In my work the most important is what I think makes the picture interesting for me. But really I'm most upset with himself. I love this discontent, and the thought of never painting can not be beat. Painting has always beat creator.

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