Alexandre MONNTOYA ✿ Part.2

Alexandre Monntoya is a colombian hiperrealist painter, 1974 working in a traditional, naturalistic manner (including figures and still lifes). He studied the fundamental concepts of drawing perspectives at INEM, in the city of Pereira where he graduated as an Industrial Graduate. In 1994 he opened a small gallery in the city of Cali. He began to be more involved in his drawings when he had more contact with other artists in this region. Each day he felt more motivated to paint. Alexandre says, it was because he knew that he had a gift with the paint brush and his heart swelled with happiness and peace when he was painting night after night. Alexandre participated in some exhibitions and when he was 24 years old he won first prize of "Young Artist of the Year" in his region Vallecaucano, Columbia. In 2001 he decided to close his gallery in Columbia and move to Spain to grow and develop his work as an artist.

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