Guillaume SEIGNAC (1870-1924) ✿

Ascolta il cuore
di chi ti ama...
Sarà spuntare il sole
da dietro una montagna
e sarà respirare tutto di più bello
che è la vita...

~ Catherine La Rose© ~

Guillaume Seignac (1870-1924) was a French academic painter. He started training at the Académie Julian in Paris, where he spent 1889 through 1895. He had many teachers there, including Gabriel Ferrier, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, and Tony Robert-Fleury. In addition to his training in the academic style, much of Seignac's work displayed classical themes and style, for example, his use of diaphanous drapery covering a woman's body is reminiscent of classical style, in particular the sculptor Phidias.[3] In 1897, Guillaume Seignac regularly exhibited at the Salon and won several honors, including in 1900 honorable mention and in 1903 a Third Class medal.

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