Edwin GEORGI (1896-1964) ✿

Edwin GEORGI (1896-1964) was a american illustrator for Magazine Webster Cigars, Woodbury, Ford Mercury, Crane paper, Yardley, The Italian Line. In-demand illustrator for Goldenbook Magazine, Fortune, Redbook, Woman's Home Companion, Cosmo, True, Esquire, Ladies' Home Journal,Saturday Evening Post, American Girl, Liberty.
Largely self-taught, learning his way up in ad and art agencies. A pilot in WWI. Style ranged from simple, posteresque lines and colors to his more famous pointillist pieces with boldly directed light, a unique use of warm shadows, and sparkling colors.
Georgi was also a recorded song writer. On the reverse of this study was some music and lyrics he jotted down. The study appears to be for Redbook, "Narrow Margin."

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