Claudio BRAVO CAMUS (1936-2011) ✿

Non vi è stagione
Che non sussurri il suo nome
Inevitabile suono d'Amore

~ Catherine La Rose©2019 ~

Claudio BRAVO CAMUS (1936-2011) was a hyperrealistic Chilean painter. He was heavily influenced by Renaissance and Baroque artists, as well as by surrealist painters such as Salvador Dalí. He has lived and worked in Tangier in Morocco since 1972. Bravo has also lived in Chile, New York and Spain. He was known mainly for his still life paintings, portraits and confections, but he had also made drawings, lithographs, etchings and bronze sculptures.
- Hall of Fame Honoree (from The Pastel Society of America, New York in 1996)- Gran Cruz de Alfonso X El Sabio (from Alfonso X El Sabio, Madrid, Spain in 2000)- International Distinguished Artist Award (from Art Miami, Miami, Florida in 2000)- Gold Medal of Honor (from Casita Maria, Bronx, New York in 2005)

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