Goffredo CIVITARESE ✿ Part.2

Goffredo Civitarese italian painter, lives and works in Pescara. His artistic activity dates back to the sixties, when he began with personal exhibitions in the exhibition spaces of his city. The following works saw him as an innovative protagonist in important Italian cities such as Naples, Rome, Bologna, Milan, Forlì, Vercelli, Pisa, Livorno, Siena, San Marino .. and international ones such as Lugano, Basel, Amsterdam, London, Columbus and New York .
His pictorial research, initially aimed at experimenting with different materials, led to intensely chromatic figurative results rich in evocative suggestions. His attention has been for years now focused on the study of the human figure placed in multiple pictorial contexts, in which faces and bodies appear drowned in color, with strong results of enigmatic sensations.

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